Perspective Plan
The  Government of Tripura has formulated a 10-Year Perspective Plan for achieving self -sufficiency in foodgrains (2000-2010), the implementation of which has already been going on . The Plan is being implemented with the twin objectives of achieving self-sufficiency in foodgrains and food as well as improving the economic condition of the farming community.
Following strategies have been adopted in achieving self-sufficiency in food grains by 2010 AD
  • Enhancing cropping intensity.
  • Seed replacement
  • Varietals replacement
  • Enhancing consumption of balanced plant nutrients.
  • Incorporating bio-fertilizer in conjunction with inorganic fertilizers.
  • Integrated pest management
  • Increasing irrigation potential
  • Research support
  • Adequate farm power.
  • Adequate credit support
  • Efficient extension support
  • Ensuring peoples participation.

    Perspective Plan: Background

    Proposal for 11th Plan Period (2007-12)

    Review of 10th Plan (2002-07) Programme

    Self -sufficiency in food grains in Tripura by 2010 AD.

    Perspective Plan - 2010-12

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