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Climate at Tripura

  • Warm and humid sub-tropical climate.
  • Monsoon generally breaks during 1st week of June.
  • Average annual rainfall – 2200 mm.
  • Av. temp. during summer ranges from 17.80C to 35.60C and during winter from 5.20C to 26.90C.

Major seasons and corresponding crops :

Aush Aman Boro
1st Kharif
(April – June)
2nd Kharif
(July –Sept)
Aus Paddy, Sesamum,
Jute, Mesta, Cotton
Aman Paddy, Maize, Sorghum,
Finger Millet, Kharif Moong,
Kharif Blackgram, Cowpea, Arhar,
Rajmash, Soyabean, Kharif Groundnut
Boro Paddy, Rabi Maize,
Rabi Blackgram, Pea, Lentil, Gram,
Rabi Groundnut, Rape & Mustard, Flex (Linseed)
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